Positivity for 2018

Hello, I haven't been on here in a while now.  Today is December 31, 2017 and I am now 33 years old.  Tomorrow will be a new year and I thought I'd outline my resolutions!

Disclaimer: I am not any sort of counsellor or doctor, these are all just my thoughts.

1. I'm going to have  a positive outlook.  Life can throw us some major curve balls when we least expect it.  Our minds can take over and keep running with negative thoughts.  Life seems unfair at times.  Or, even most of the time for some of us.  But I've learned that if you can't change the situation that you perceive as negative, change the way you look at it.  Actually, I believe I read that somewhere.   I obviously can't speak for everyone and I know some people have been through major life events that I can't comprehend.  I've been through some tough stuff that I won't go into but now I'm trying to look at it all as a learning and growing experience.. part of the human experience.  Each event has made me stronger than before.  I can say, "Why me?" Or "Life is unfair." Or I can pick myself up and say, "Good job for getting through that."  I watched a YouTube video the other day that resonated with me.  There was this Japanese clay bowl that was made a long time ago (maybe 100 years ago?).  You could see the imprints of the fingers of the person who made the bowl.  Somehow, the bowl was dropped and broken but instead of being thrown away or glued together perfectly so the cracks weren't visible, it was glued together with some sort of gold glue/paint.  This was a Ted Talks video. The speaker something along the lines of the bowl being even more beautiful with the cracks highlighted.  Therefore, im going to embrace what I would have possibly judged as "flaws" or "problems" or "broken pieces" and I'm going to pick them up and glue them together with the most beautiful glue I can find.

2.  I'm going to cut out sugar.  I stopped putting sugar in my coffee three years ago.  I also stopped eating a lot of processed foods and sugars.  Then, this most recent holiday season came and there was sugar everywhere (cookies, cake, etc)  and trust me, I ate it.  But then I went through two weeks of feeling sluggish, moody, lethargic, foggy, sick and I had headaches and stomach pains.  I'm not a doctor but honestly I think sugar is not good for me!  Now I'm back to veggies and fruits and I'm slowly starting to have more energy again.  I'm going to start 2018 with more energy!

3.  I'm going to use the gym three times a week.  I've been putting off working out lately but I want to get back into it.  I love the feeling I have after a good workout.  It also seems to give me a better sleep at night.

4. I'm going to disable Facebook.  I saw another Ted Talk about how, before phones, there were "stopping cues".  For example, you read a book and then it ends.  Social media never stops.  You can scroll forever and waste valuable time.  Therefore, I'm disabling Facebook and I will see how much more I can accomplish.

Okay, that's all of my resolutions for now as I need to get up and go shopping, exercise, etc.

Tomorrow, I will start the day with the polar bear swim.  I like starting the year jumping into freezing water with a bunch of friends and strangers!  :)

Happy New Year everyone and I hope this new year brings you what you wish for!



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