Music Festival Fashion 2013

Hey everyone!  As promised, here are some pictures of what my friends and I wore to Sasquatch 2013.  The weather was sunny for all but one day of the festival!

Kept the hair out of my face with a side braid.

Road trip begins!

Feathers for the hair.  We got to make these neon sunglasses at the Neon Sharpie tent.

The first day was super warm, perfect for shorts and tanks.

Beautiful coral waterfall dress.

Such a cute hat and glasses!

We broke out the sweaters and leggings in the evening.

Day two, dressed in a cute blue summer dress.

Cute floral dress.

I tied up my striped maxi dress because it was so hot outside!

The rain came out on the last day, so I had no choice but to pair my skirt with rubber boots and all my winter clothes haha.
Cute rain jacket!

All bundled up!

And then the rain started pouring down... so we broke out the blue ponchos!


Thanks for reading!


  1. Sasquatch is so much fun! You ladies look like you had a great time.


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    1. Thanks Alexandra! We did have a great time, indeed. :)

  2. great photos! this looked like an awesome festival

    1. Thank you so much! It was a very fun festival. :)


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