serenity in nature


The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled: "an oasis of serenity"." 


Hope everyone is having a good 2013 so far.  I hope the year hasn't been too stressful and I wish everyone happiness and peace.   
Above are a couple of photos I took near the end of 2012.  The ocean photo is one of my only sunrise photos... taken early, early in the morning from a boat.  The second photo is from a hike to a secluded beach.  I feel so much peace when in nature.   
The sounds, smells, sights... everything about the outdoors.
The crashing of the waves and the seagulls' calls.
The seaweed, salt and pine smell in the air. 
The untouched sand on hidden beaches.  
The footprints that wash away with each sneaker wave.
The salt on my camera lens.
The sticky sap from the pines.
The washed up driftwood taking comfort in the sand.
The sun, sand, salt, stillness...
Above poem by me (just wrote it now).
Above definition of serenity from Google front page.  :)



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