Tuesday at The Biltmore

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday!
This past Tuesday I went to see Bahamas and their opening band, Wake Owl, at The Biltmore. First of all, thanks to my friend Steph who gave me a ticket and thanks to The Peak for giving her tickets! I believe this was a sold out show. The venue was super crowded (but that makes it even more fun, right?) I think so..
I'm so glad I got to check out this show. I fell in love with Wake Owl (an indie folk band from Vancouver). If you want to check out their music: http://wakeowl.bandcamp.com/ :)
The headliner was Bahamas. They were so great! I was familiar with some of their music and it was awesome to hear it live. http://bahamasmusic.net/
1&2: Steph and I at the concert. Hi!
3&4: Wake Owl
5,6,7,8: Bahamas
Hope you are having a great week!


  1. Great photos! And you're welcome for the ticket! Thanks for coming with me :) Definitely looking forward to catching both of the acts again! - Steph

  2. Thanks!! Yes, I am looking forward to seeing them again too! :)

  3. My friend went and saw them, she loved it! She said they're amazing, I'll have to check them out soon :)

    Alexandra xo


    1. That's awesome! Yes, I highly recommend seeing these bands too! :)

  4. look like a great concert! wonderful photos!

    xxx Anita


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