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Hey everyone!  This post is about creating space.  This can be about creating space for anything you want.  However, the examples I am posting here are for my yoga area.  Let me also just mention that making room for something does not necessarily call for big square footage... just some creativity.  (Photos at the bottom of post!!)    

My yoga mat has been curled up in the closet for... let's just say a long time.  I have been going to yoga but they have a mat and towel service which I find super convenient, so I haven't been using my own at all. 

I love yoga and meditation, so it would seem that I would roll out my mat on the living room floor every so often and practice a few poses, right?  No!  Doesn't seem to happen. 

After inspiration from magazines, blogs, books and ideas, I decided I needed to make a space.         S p a c e.      For yoga.  I realized that a permanent and pretty area for yoga practice will make it that much more inviting.   

So the other night, I took on the task of moving all of the furniture around in my apartment.  Re-organizing and moving giant floor-scratchable furniture always seemed like an easy idea when imagining it.  Ha ha - it's not! 

In a bachelor apartment, it almost seemed like tetris as I tried to move the couch and bed past one another, along with all of the other furniture.  By the end of the room's revamp, I was tired and sweaty but still wanted to try out the yoga space.  Yin anyone? 

So anyways, all in all I would say that this newly created yoga area only takes up about 4 feet x 10 feet of my studio apartment and I love it. 

So here are my tips:

  • Surround your space with things that make you feel how you want to feel.
  • Be creative and have fun.  You don't necessarily need a big area.
  • Use bright, happy, calming, soothing colours that make you want to be there.
  • Go with your preferences and instincts on design if you are the primary person using the space.  Everyone is different.  For example... I like having plants, calming colours/pictures, soothing music, the option of natural lighting or candle lighting, fresh air from a nearby window, etc. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope you can get some inspiration from them.  Please let me know if you have any comments or ideas as well! 

 I put my beautiful bamboo plants close by in a lovely brass vase.
Here is an overview of the entire space!  Fairly small but functional! 

Just looking at these bamboo plants makes me feel calm.

I put up these beach photos for a nice view! 

I find pastel, bright or earthy colours extremely uplifting and relaxing.  Here is my cute tropical plant (really not sure what it is) and scented candle.

Not pictured - relaxing music...

Happy decorating!



  1. Thanks for being such an inspiration to my yoga practice! I love to to do deep breathing before I start my practice as it helps me to center myself and it gives me focus.


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