smitten over smoothies

banana, spinach, blueberry pomegranate juice

before and after: banana, strawberry, spinach, mango, flax powder, blueberry pomegranate juice.
the "after" picture doesn't look too appetizing but it sure tastes good.
coconut water, spinach, wheatgrass, banana, mango, avocado

green smoothie and pink smoothie (can't remember the ingredients!).
the pots just happened to match the colours of the smoothies :)

Hey everyone, just thought I'd share some of my favourite smoothie recipes.  I'm a little obsessed over making these things daily.  Blending smoothies brings out my creative side plus they are super yummy. 

 <Creativity + yummy = awesome>

I hope your weekend is going well.



  1. Creativity + yummy=awesome!
    My tummy thanks you Lis:)


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