DIY Colorful Air Plant Holder for Easter

Hello!  It has been a while.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  Some of you might be having your Easter dinner tonight.  I had mine on Friday night and another one on Sunday (leftovers).
This Easter Sunday morning was very bright and sunny so it got me in the mood to make DIY Easter eggs.  After I made them, I realized they would make great air plant holders.  💕

P.S. I tried to save as much as I could from the egg to make coconut pancakes.  Mmmm.  Sounds good... although, honestly, they were not very tasty.  I used coconut flour for the first time and the pancakes were very crumbly.  Maybe I did something wrong.  Anyone know?  Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips!  Thanks!

Steps for making DIY Colorful Air Plant Holders: 

Step 1; Crack a small hole in the top of an egg.  I used a bbq skewer to do this.

Step 2: Try to shake the egg carefully and use the skewer to get the egg liquid out.  This takes a while.  Once I was able to get most of the egg out, I rinsed the egg, filled it with water and poured the water out.

Step 3: Dry the eggs.

Step 4: Paint the eggs!  My eggs were brown.  I decided to paint them with three coats of white acrylic metallic paint as a base color.

Step 5: Paint them some more (if you want).  I wanted a watercolor kind of look, so I experimented a bit.  I have these new felt markers in nice sunset type colors (pink, purple, orange and yellow) but I didn't want to draw directly on the eggs.  So, I ended up coloring on a napkin and quickly rolling the eggs on to the napkin.  I did this all over the eggs with different colors and it actually worked very well!  

Top left - the felt markers I used 
Step 6: Make sure the hole in the top of your egg is big enough to put the bottom of an air plant in.  Fasten the air plant in place and you're done!

Below are some photos of the final products.  I think these are easy and relaxing to make, plus they are adorable.  What do you think?  The orange one reminds me of a carrot or pineapple.  :)

pretty pair

Have a great start to your week!

-lis xo


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