Best Beans #1

Beans as in coffee beans! (Sorry legume lovers!)
Since I love coffee so much, I thought it would be a good idea to start a series of blog posts on the cafes I like to visit most! Today I will let you know about one of my favourite places in Vancouver.
Drum roll please...
JJ Bean
There are many JJ Bean coffee shops in Vancouver but so far my favourite one is on Main Street. After a stroll through the nearby shops, I love stopping by this place to chill by the fireplace and sip a coffee. My favourite JJ Bean food item at the moment is the zuchinni chocolate chip muffin. Yum. If you get there at just the right time, there is a chance the muffin may be warm out of the oven (yes, it has happened to me - made my day)! Check out some pics of the lovely drinks above!


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