Gotye at Vogue

Hello! How was everyone's weekend?
A couple of nights ago (Sunday), three of my friends and I saw The Belle Game and Gotye at Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. What an amazing concert! I have seen The Belle Game many times and I love them, so I was happy to see that they were opening the show.
This was my first time seeing Gotye live... and wow.. I was very impressed. I felt like there was this chill Australian vibe in the theatre. I have yet to go to Australia but I have the feeling it would be a nice, chill place. haha. During "Eyes Wide Open" (one of my favourite songs), the backdrop screen imagery was so beautiful. Some of the photos looked like the Australian outback. I really loved all of the imagery they used during the concert.
When the band was about to play "Somebody That I Used to Know", Wally (Gotye) announced that Kimbra wasn't there to sing her part of the song. So he asked the audience to sing it! I think the audience sang the entire song though, which is great. Gotye is so interactive.. awesome. His voice is so amazing live.
It's hard for me to put into words how much I loved the Gotye concert...
Can't wait to see them again...
That is my short recap. Haha. Those shots above are some of the photos I took at the concert. Hope you like them!


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