Make It! and Record Store Day

Flowers on Granville Island
Flowers on Granville Island
View while eating breakfast

Breakfast!  An apple cinnamon crepe from one of the shops on Granville Island. 

A "Buddhist Pine" plant!
A little giraffe to watch over my new plant.

Happy Record Store Day!

I eventually made my way over to Neptoon Records after having a tea at Bean Around the World.

My new bracelet made by my friend Anita! (<--Click to check out her blog!)
I picked up this beautiful BFF bracelet at the Make It! craft show today.  

Another view of the bracelet.  So cute!


How is your weekend going so far?  Here are some pics from my Saturday.  I hope you like them!  Today was a pretty warm, sunny day... perfect for sitting next to the water at Granville Island.
  After exploring the west side of Vancouver, I travelled a bit to the east and checked out the Make It! craft show.  The show (held at the Croatian Cultural Centre) featured so many talented artists and designers and it is still open tomorrow as well!  I love the bracelet I picked up from my talented friend, Anita.     
Today was also Record Store Day.  I headed down to Neptoon Records early this evening to check out some of the live music.  Hallow Moon was playing.  I really enjoyed the band's sound although I couldn't really get through the door because the place was full of people, so I just chilled at the front door.  That's okay!  Fresh air and music... sounds good to me! 

I'm excited that I bought a plant for my apartment.  I forgot to buy a pot for the poor pine though.  I'm thinking orange... yes, an orange pot. 
Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend!


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