Recent-ish Concert

Hey everyone! How was your weekend and your Monday?
So a couple of weeks ago on a very windy and cold day (actually it happened to be the same day as the photo scavenger hunt - see my last blog post) my friend and I went to Performance Works on Granville Island for a concert. This was my first time there and I really liked the venue! There were seats set up along the sides of the building and then standing room in the middle. We decided to stand side-stage to get a closer view.
Oh yes, I suppose I should mention who was performing:
The Belle Game
Aidan Knight
The Belle Game started off the evening (first photo above). This band is so talented and entertaining! They really have a beautiful sound. I first saw them at the Celebrate Vancouver 125 show in Stanley Park last summer, and then again this past December at Sing it Forward which was an evening of acoustic music to benefit the St. James Music Academy. I suggest that you check them out!
and... the next four photos are of Aidan Knight...
Those of you that know what bands I like... know that I am a big Aidan Knight fan! I have seen the man and his band perform at many local venues around Vancouver and it is always a great time. If you aren't familiar with his music.. you should check it out! I love every song on his album Versicolour, from the slower "Knitting Something Nice For You" to the more upbeat "Jasper" and everything in between. If you want to hear a beautiful new song, I suggest "Margaret Downe". Actually, I found the link:
On another note, I also enjoy Aidan's stage banter. haha.
Anyone been to any good concerts lately? Please share!
Have a great week!


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