Wandering with Waffle Cones

Today started off with rain and then the afternoon turned into a beautiful blue sky kind of day. It was windy but the wind was warm. Today was so beautiful that it reminded me of summer. Then summer reminded me of ice cream. Finally, ice cream reminded me of how much I love going to La Casa Gelato on Venables. So I thought I would share a few photos from that day...
The first two photos are pretty much self-explanatory! The third one is of the little seating area across from the ice cream shop!
I can't seem to remember what flavours my friend and I had that day. La Casa Gelato has (what seems like) a bazzilion flavours so it is hard to keep track (which is a good thing when it comes to ice cream I would say!) I just looked at their website actually and it says that they always have 218 flavours on site. Their "flavour counter" is at 518. Anyways, I love this place and I just wanted to share!! I'm looking forward to going back on a warm summer day or a rainy spring day or.. any day. haha.


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